compos historia3In 1990 Rafael Moreda Abad, with an extensive experience in the transport and distribution sector, decided to create, together with two other partners from Coditral, a logistic operator that was committed to provide variable and consistent logistics costs in terms of sales. Over the years, these two partners, first one of them and later the other one, decided to transfer ownership of their fair share of the business to Rafael. Provided his two children have been staff members during several years, Rafael believed even more in the project and decided to undertake a new path with them.

In 2002, Coditral was already a family-owned company and thanks to the perseverance of Rafael and, of course, due to our clients, many of them have been kept from the beginning. Coditral has grown and has established itself as a benchmark in the logistics sector, as it is today.

As his children, we have performed all the duties inherent to the company, providing the experience and humbleness necessary for each of the departments. In this way, we can steer with the intention of keeping up the excellent work that our father did and make him feel the most proud, wherever he is.

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In Coditral, logistic operator since 1990, we work passionately with the objective of providing integrated logistics representative of logical and variable costs, based on sales.

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Supply is one of the key pieces of Coditral's logistics service.

The main characteristic that defines us is special attention to delivery care.

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The effective and safe management of your shipments is guaranteed with Coditral. We offer transport services with wide national coverage, we have a logistics structure throughout the Iberian Peninsula that manages to optimize transit and delivery time.

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Coditral has storage facilities strategically located in Valdemoro (Madrid), with an area of 5,000 m2, equipped with pallet rack system and capacity for 5,000 hollow-pallets on conventional pallet racking and compactors.