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In Coditral, logistic operator since 1990, we work passionately with the objective of providing integrated logistics representative of logical and variable costs, based on sales.

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Supply is one of the key pieces of Coditral's logistics service.

The main characteristic that defines us is special attention to delivery care.

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The effective and safe management of your shipments is guaranteed with Coditral. We offer transport services with wide national coverage, we have a logistics structure throughout the Iberian Peninsula that manages to optimize transit and delivery time.

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Coditral has storage facilities strategically located in Valdemoro (Madrid), with an area of 5,000 m2, equipped with pallet rack system and capacity for 5,000 hollow-pallets on conventional pallet racking and compactors.

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As integral logistic operator, in Coditral we assess the strategies that our clients carry out in order to meet their objectives and, thus, our professionals offer quality services tailored to their particular needs. Read more about”

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